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Labyrinth Tree watercolour 010117

   Tree pathway
Photograph (c)CS

I have over 25 years experience with individuals, groups, students and teams,
working creatively with and for the rest of nature, promoting:

  • ecotherapy: promoting eco-creativity and wellbeing - a more reciprocal caring relationship with and for the rest of nature;
  • eco-supervision / eARTh-based supervision - nature-based creative approaches within supervision;
  • eco personal development and learning.

This has included outdoor experiential learning and workshops, outdoor team building etc. Formats have included: half days, days, residential weekends. 

I continue my learning with fellow members of the Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Association of Ireland, the International Community of Ecopsychology, The Ecopsychology Guild, and Ecotherapy Research and Practice.

I am a Trustee of Mission Lifeforce as a legal Earth Protector, to put in place a law of ecocide.

Evidence for Nature and Wellbeing

Visit the online ASLA resource detailing many research studies on the  Health benefits of nature.  

Other resources include: A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care (Natural England, 2016) - a recent report on research by the University of Essex and Mind (a leading UK mental health charity).

See also e.g. The mental health benefits of nature exposure (2015);  Connecting with nature offers a new approach to mental health care  (2016)  and the Children and Nature Network.


core strand of practice is ecotherapy, grounded in a belief in eARTherapy - promoting eco-creativity and reciprocal caring relationship with and for the rest of Nature.

"eARTherapy(Sibbett, 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2016, etc.)  is a nature-based approach that informs my work in Art Psychotherapy, Counselling / Psychotherapy and Ecotherapy - celebrating and fostering eco-creativity with and for the rest of Nature.   A key aim is to nurture wellbeing, creativity and Nature; underpinned by and committed to 'earth caring' values. It features:

Ecotherapy is a nature-based therapeutic approach that is informed by ecopsychology. It can support wellbeing and help create better relationships with nature, ourselves and each other. For more details, see MIND's summary: What is Ecotherapy?; and also see our Resources page for other sources of information.

"Earth's the right place for love" (Robert Frost, Birches)

 eARTh-based Practice

Committed to
eARTh-caring values,
Green Care and eco-creativity.
Green Man
Photograph (c)CS

(CS, 2002, 2006, 2007)

Client, therapist, art, nature

 Green Man
Photograph (c)CS


Promoting Green Care
and eco-creativity
in the curriculum
and practice.
Green Man clay (c)CS
Artwork / Photograph (c)CS 


A window of opportunity:
fostering creative time & space, with and for nature.

Green window
Photograph (c)CS

In a 2016 Report on A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care, Bragg and Atkins (2016, p.12) summarise that "nature-based interventions have been termed ‘green care’ (Pretty, 2006; Hine et al., 2008a,c; Sempik et al., 2010; Sempik and Bragg, 2013), ‘ecotherapy’ (Mind 2007, 2013; Bragg et al, 2013) or simply ‘nature-based interventions’." They propose that "the term ‘Green Care’ should be used to describe the range of activities that fall within the scope of nature-based interventions for individuals with a defined or diagnosed need." (Bragg & Atkins, 2016, p.viii).