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"We who are together are one"
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Kairos Consultancy, Belfast office 

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Consultancy services:
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The concept and vision of 
Kairos Consultancy originated in the early 1990's.

Kairos Consultancy, based in Northern Ireland, offers significant experience in providing professional services to individuals, groups and organisations. Currently, services include:
  • Training / Education in:
    •   art psychotherapy / art therapy
    •   counselling / psychotherapy
    •   supervision praxis
    •   working therapeutically with children & young people
    •   professional quality of life / resiliency for professionals
    •   education, adult & medical /healthcare education
    •   qualitative research & arts-based research approaches
    •   appraisal / performance development
    •   bespoke workshops

  • Research:
    •   diverse topics, including all of the above topics... 
    •   wellbeing,
    •  "nettlesome knowledge" (Sibbett, 1995, 2006), liminality...
  • Art:
    •  commissions, exhibitions

Where possible, a core theme of the work, including supervision and training, is
"eARTherapy(Sibbett, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2016)  - a synthesis of art psychotherapy, counselling and ecotherapy. The aim is to nurture wellbeing, creativity and reciprocal caring relationship with and for the rest of nature. Committed to ecotherapeutic and 'earth caring' values, an aim is to foster creative time and space, with and for the rest of nature. This is founded on experience over several decades of facilitating therapy, training, workshops and residentials out of doors, inspired by and promoting greater connection with nature.
I am a member of the Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Association of Ireland and the International Community of Ecopsychology.

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