Star Tesseract (c)CS

  Research services:

    •   Research collaboration.
    •   Research supervision, including at Masters and Doctoral levels.
  A selection of academic work is available at:

Research Interests:

  • Promoting emotional / mental health and wellbeing.
  • Promoting creativity; emotional intelligence / literacy. Training for counselling / art psychotherapy.
  • "Nettlesome knowledge" (Sibbett, 2005, 2006), liminality and threshold concepts in learning & teaching and professional cultures.
  • Counselling / art therapy with children and young people, particularly in schools; promoting wellbeing in schools
  • Learning and teaching, also within professional / organisational cultures.
  • CPD needs of teachers, particularly in relation to pastoral care. Learning paradigms. Medical education. Arts-based and qualitative research approaches.
  • Art Therapy / Art Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, wellbeing, mental health, loss, attachment, vicarious stress / trauma, suicide, palliative care.
  • Appraisal and performance management training, particularly in Higher Education.
  • Inclusion, social justice, special / additional needs.
  • Ethical practice in research generally and specifically when using arts-based research approaches.

Research Approach:

Flowers (c)CS
  • Mixed methods: qualitative, arts-based, quantitative.
  • The research approach is informed by earth caring values.
Research Dissemination: