• Art Psychotherapy MSc at Ulster University (ret'd Senior Lecturer).

  • Post Qualifying Certificate in Creative Supervision of Practice Across the Age Range (CPCAB Level 6);
  • Post Qualifying Diploma in Counselling Children and Young People (CPCAB Level 5);
  • Bespoke training workshops and seminars.

A core strand of practice is
grounded in a belief in 


- promoting eco-creativity and
reciprocal caring relationship
 with and for the rest of Nature.

I have delivered numerous presentations and workshops on eco-practice, regenerative systems and related topics.

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"We who are together are one"
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Kairos Consultancy:

offers significant experience teaching and designing training programmes at diverse levels on a variety of therapeutic topics.


Threshold Stone, Newgrange

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Emerging from my teaching, research and practice, I have generated and explored new theory and praxis concepts, including:
  • "environ-mentalization" 
    - an ability involved in the development of the ecological self; promoting empathy with our environment; thinking about the environment's experience of itself (Sibbett, 2002, 2017)
    . A development of Fonagy's concept of mentalization. 
  • "nettlesome knowledge" 
     a form of difficult or troublesome knowledge that encompasses those “elements of knowledge that are deemed taboo in that they are defended against, repressed or ignored because if they were grasped they might ‘sting’ and thus evoke a feared intense emotional and embodied response” (Sibbett, 2007; Sibbett & Thompson, 2008, p.229). However, if grasped, "nettlesome knowledge" can act as a threshold or portal to new knowledge and opportunity, offering a transformative experience (Sibbett, 2007).
  • "secondary liminality" 
    - or "vicarious liminality", as experienced by psychotherapists / healthcare practitioners in working with clients experiencing liminality, such as when diagnosed with cancer or during life-threatening illness 
    (Sibbett, 2004, 2005).
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