"We who are together are one"
(c)CS dream

A core strand of practice is
grounded in a belief in 'eARTherapy'
- promoting eco-creativity and
reciprocal caring relationship
 with and for the rest of Nature.



Kairos Consultancy:
I offer significant experience teaching and designing programmes at the following levels:
  - Doctoral
  - Masters
  - Undergraduate degree
  - Advanced Diploma
  - Post Qualifying Diploma
  - Diploma
  - Certificate

Topics include:
  • art psychotherapy / art therapy
  • counselling / psychotherapy
  • supervision praxis
  • working therapeutically with children & young people
  • creative reflexive practice
  • education, adult education
  • healthcare education
  • qualitative research
  • arts-based research approaches
  • appraisal / performance development
  • self-care for professionals
  • bespoke workshops
For examples, see:
  • CPD - continuing professional development.

Threshold Stone, Newgrange

Candle Riga
Illumination (c)CS
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