Melange (c)CS


Media include: watercolours, pen & ink, pencils, coloured pencils, oils, acrylics, photography etc.

Subjects include: symbolic, abstract, fantasy, portraits, wildlife, pets, buildings, landscapes, science fiction, Celtic designs etc.

Abbey, Donegal
Priory, c1508, Donegal (c)CS


Art as "a portal"

“ ‘…the contemporary work of art does not position itself as the termination point of the ‘creative process” (a “finished product” to be contemplated) but as a site of navigation, a portal, a generator of activities.’ [Bourriaud, 2005: 19]”      (cited in Fortnum & Smith, 2007: 168).

"Liminal time -   Turner (1995: 96) asserts that liminal experience is a 'moment in and out of time.'"

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Hexagon pencils
                                                                            Hexagon pencils