Art Therapy info - Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT), formed in 1976 and a Registered Charity since 1989, is a membership organisation which supports art therapy in NI and promotes an understanding of the value of art as therapy. NIGAT welcomes as members all those interested in the creative therapeutic process. NIGAT is administered by a Voluntary Committee. NIGAT's founding was inspired by Rita Simon, pioneer UK art therapist in the 1940s and a founding member of BAAT in 1964. Rita Simon promoted art therapy in NI in the 1950s, 1970s, 1980's and beyond. NIGAT is active on NIGAT Facebook and the NIGAT website.


BAAT Northern Ireland (BAAT NI) is a regional group of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) which is the professional body for art therapy / art psychotherapy in the UK. BAAT NI has local art therapists as its members and it is steered by an elected committee who promote local art therapy through lobbying, providing CPD, and contributing to reports for NI Government Departments etc. BAAT NI is active on BAAT NI Facebook, BAAT NI Instagram and BAAT NI X / Twitter. 


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